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Three Simple Tips On How To Start Saving When You Don’t Know Where To Beginning

Last month, my friend Jess of No Real Jewelry wrote this amazing blog post on 2 Small Tricks That Help Me Save Big Money, that really got me thinking about the excuses we create for not saving money. In addition to that, since I was a college freshman I always wanted to help my community have a better relationship with money. So many women and men of color are not taught how to balance their checkbook, saving for an emergency, the importance of a credit score, life insurance and many other things of that nature. My goal was to open up a financial literacy program or something of that nature. Yes, I was rather ambitious at 17 years ago, and 15 years later my financial journey has been one heck of a rollercoaster. However, I feel that since my ride has not been smooth and I have had to learn the hard lessons over and over again, I can share something on how to start saving when you don’t know where to start.

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Learn How To Stop Ranting About Your Clients On Social Media And Turn Those Situations Into Educational Moments

Twitter fingers regarding clients behavior is costing your company money. Learn how to handle these tip of situation with grace and education. | Imperfect Concepts


There was a time in my business life prior to me becoming this polished business woman I am today, cough where I would rant about my customers or clients on social media. However, since then I have learned you not only lose more business by doing this, you’re stepping out of character for no real reason. Yes, I get on your website it shows your processing and shipping time, but people continuously email you about where their order is. Or you have clients who sign service agreements, but several years later want all the raw images from their wedding when said contract said they only get 100 for the amount they agreed to. I have been on all three sides of this spectrum from being the customer to product business and a service based company. In the last several months, I have cringed and vowed not to support small business owners who have done these things. Let me also note when I see these things done I send a private message or email as a consulting stating why this is bad for business. Today, I want you to learn how to turn your rants about customers into educational moments for you and them. Continue Reading →

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How To Maximize A Yearly Marketing Budget Of $2,000

No matter the size of you budget one of these six tools can help you maximize your growth this year. | Imperfect Concepts

Yes, I know we are in September, and I want to discuss how to maximize your yearly marketing budget. The thing is, more and more small business owners are just winging it verse planning. Some people say they over plan and never get stuff done. Honestly, I believe they have added too much to their plate causing the lack of achieving goals. For a business to truly to succeed, they must create budgets, goals, deadlines and more. Personally, I believe a $2,000 marketing budget for the year is a great starting point. It can yield you high ROI if done correctly. Continue Reading →

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How To Start A Consulting Company

5 steps on how to launch your own consulting company. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #blogging #blog

I receive, on average, hundreds of questions per week from people. They are mainly on very specific topics, never generalized. As someone who is paid hourly for the advice I give, I tend to give very generalized answers.

Today, I want to talk to you about how to start a consulting company. So many people are consultants, coaches, strategist and such. Which is perfectly fine if, it is your calling and you’re passionate about it. More or less you are a teacher. If your heart beats fast, you love helping others, and you want to turn that passion into a consulting company…this is the post for you.  Continue Reading →

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Creating Low Cost Digital Products For Women Entrepreneurs

Why I created low cost digital products to help women business owners succeed in life. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #womeninbusiness #digitalproducts #entrepreneurs

When I started running my business almost seven years ago there really wasn’t business blogs that you could read. Etsy was in its infancy stage and the new age business experts that are growing at an alarming rate wasn’t really happening. I remember reaching out to Judy of Atlantis Home because we lived in Dallas together. I would always see her and her daughter Jane of Seas of Shoes in the local thrift store. So, I reached out on how to start a business. She gave me some advice on what she knew.

Fast forward to 2015, and Pinterest is the new Google full of resources if you want to start a business or blog. Simply put the phrase “start a business or start a blog” in Pinterest and a sea of images will bombard your screen. Which is amazing to say the least. I am happy the information is out there for the masses now.  Continue Reading →

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