Concierge Consulting

So, you’re over trying to do this on your own and want to scale your business? Then you found the right person to do it. Concierge consulting is my VIP offering for existing and future small business owners wanting to get the ball rolling faster than usual. Over the last four years, I have taken on one concierge client per the calendar year because of how intense the level of work it entails. Usually, with my discovery call or monthly one on one clients, I chat with them once, and they are doing a lot of the legwork themselves. However, with CC services we are team building every aspect of your business from scratch, but I am the primary point of contact for graphic design, website design, social media, marketing and hiring your staff. You are allowing me to come in and oversees everything to your working standard to make sure your business is a well-oiled machine. Honestly, these are my favorite consulting service because I am more hands on with the client. Yes, we talk weekly regarding your business via telephone, email and in person. This high of a level of consulting does over 1 or more monthly visits which are covered by the client.

If you would like to work with me, please fill out this questionnaire below. It will answer all the questions my staff, and I need to know about you. Consulting is $4,000 or more a month depending on your needs with 12-month contract required.

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