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Change Is Gonna Come

How to handle change in life

Every time I find myself freaking out, I listen to the Ottis Redding song, “A Change is Gonna Come.” In this huge time of change–graduating, applying for graduate school, thinking about next semester and Imperfect Concepts–I find myself unsettled by all of the “stuff.” I’m happy to be out of college, as most kids are, but I am deeply sad about what’s to come next. I don’t know if I will find the same kinds of people who want to talk to me about semi-colons, linguistics or poetry in the big world outside academia. I’m scared I won’t have a support system of students, faculty and awesome professors to help me out all the time. Point Park University has become a family to me, and I am afraid of being on my own. If there is anyone out there feeling the stress of graduating too, read on.
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