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How To Stay Motivated As A Creative

How to stay motivated as a creative entrepreneur

As a creative business owner we may tend to get down in the dumps and feel as if our lives are spiraling out of control. Trust, you are not alone in these feelings. So what does one do to stay motivated and get their inspiration back? We asked several of your favorite creative business owners what they do:

I usually look through old work to remind me of the flow and to remind me that it’s fun. I do things I love so remembering that I love then and why I love them is a must to get me back on track. -Joanna Celebrity Make Up Artist

Whenever I feel like I’m lacking motivation, I immediately know that I’m in a rut. To overcome that, I try to take some time to do something that I love; something that isn’t work-related. Maybe I’ll read a book, hang out with friends or binge watch a favorite TV show.

Another aspect of getting inspiration and motivation back has to do with spirituality. I’ll read relevant bible verses and my Joel Osteen devotional (Your Best Life Begins Each Morning), or I’ll watch sermons online, all of which remind me of my purpose and give me that spark that I need to get up and get back on track!  – Sakita of House of Success

When I’m lacking motivation or feeling down, I pray first. And it’s usually a prayer of thanks, not a prayer of needing motivation. I thank God for allowing me to do what I do. Then I go to my “5” book by Dan Zadra and I turn to the “page of thanks.” There is almost always a new name that I add to the page and it can be anyone that has helped me with my business or in my personal life. Then I reflect on past accomplishments and focus on a goal that is near completion. Lastly, I put on some music. Music will always be my cure-all. Lately, it’s been Pharrell’s “Happy” that perks me up. You can’t help but dance to that song!  – Tasha of Belle Butters

“I like to flip thru my design books and mags. Sometimes I’ll take one w/ me to a coffee shop & give myself an hour to jot ideas down in a sketchbook.” -Erika of Small Shop Studio

If you’re passionate about something, you’ll work like your life depends on it, and It’s not always “fun”  but it’s worth it on a deeper level. -Wendy of Wendy Brandes Jewelry

Personally, I emerge myself into nature to get my inspiration back. Something about laying in the grass watching planes take off brings the spark of creativity I need to get things done in my business life. In addition, keeping a highlight reel of my past success. Taking a moment to look back on how far you have come does something to spark the neurons. Remember, it wasn’t always like this. At one point you were a lost puppy in the business world. You are no longer that old you – you have grown. Small steps matter.

What do you do when you lack inspiration and need motivation? Is there a little pick me up trick you personally use?

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College: 4 Yearly Goals

Creating 4 year plans for your college duration

College: 4 Year goals via BlogICBWe’ve all been there: it’s your senior year of college and you’re terrified that you’re not going to get a job when you graduate. You wake yourself up at night thinking about moving back in with your parents or working at the local diner. It’s a vicious world out there, but don’t fall into the habitual notion that the business world is out to get you. You can make yourself a valuable asset while you’re in school, and it has NOTHING to do with what classes you take, how well you do, or which program you’re in. Here are some useful tips I have learned along the way, and if you have some of your own, I would love to hear them!

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Every Day A Friday

Every Day A Friday Joel Osteen

I picked up Joel Osteen’s book, Every Day A Friday a couple of weeks ago from my public library (proud card carrier), and I didn’t even think to read it. It sat there for a week, and I decided to return it to the library. This past Friday, I was at Hashtings walking around the Christian section looking for I Declare by Joel Osteen. I was fixed on getting that book in my life. Well it turns out, God was fixed on me reading Every Day A Friday. It immediately caught my eyes on the shelf, so I picked up and started reading it.

My mentor in college was a member of Lakewood  and knows the Osteen family personally. For a long time, I just didn’t get the “mega” church. How can a pastor be so successful  and have all these beautiful things, but the congregation suffers? It finally hit me that Joel was the messenger given the tools to help others in their purpose. If people didn’t use the tools and listen to the message, it was their own faults for not prospering. He did his part but we must do ours as well.

Okay, back to the book and its phenomenal message. This is my first book I have read by Joel and it hit home to how I am feeling right now. There are seven sections in the book, so I read a section a day. The subtitle says, “how to be happier in 7 days a week,” and that meant a daily process of contemplation and change.

In section I of the book, he mentions that just because we are in a certain place in our lives that we didn’t think we would be in, that doesn’t mean we did something wrong. God is teaching us a lesson. I realized that what was going on in my life at that very moment was that I was learning a lesson. Luckily, God gives us tests/lessons daily, and it is up to us to decide whether we pass or fail.

Joel also talks about living in each moment. When you say you can’t live “your Super Bowl” daily or feel like you cant always reach the top of the mountain, that is just God saying that he has a different adventure/game to do now. It isn’t about always being successful or always being down on your luck, it takes each step in between to have a full and enriched life. If you have ever heard Joel Osteen preach, some of those messages are in this book. He is a great story teller so you can visualize what he is discussing on a variety of topics.

All in all, I’m glad God directed me to read this book. I needed that extra pep in my step. I happen to be worried about too many things right now that aren’t worth worrying about. I was also giving people too much power over my life, while at the same time asking God to control everything. If you get a chance pick up this book, don’t leave it on the shelf like I did.

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Building My New Office

Furbisg pink lines sofa

I am currently planning a move to a new city that has a spacious beautiful loft calling my name. I will talk “the move” later on. Secretly, I have a serious obsession with interior design. I personally believe fashion and interior design go hand and hand. The key to both are to find pieces that inspire and make you giddy.

My jaw dropped when Mattie tweeted this sofa. I quietly prayed to myself that the link directed to an actual place to purchase. When it did, I thought this couch would be perfect for my office. Say Hello to FurbishBut wait, there’s more!

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March in Review

Faith Luke 1:37

Thanks of the Month: Thanks go to God. He has covered me for 27 years. He loved me when I didn’t love myself. In my darkest hours, when I wasn’t singing his praises, he still got me through. He is my foundation. He supplies all my needs. In the last couple of weeks, I have heard him and have learned how to be still. He told me via songs, movies, TV shows & even a 2012 sermon from Joel Osteens. I am learning and listening.

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Life’s Four Agreements

The Four Agreements Don Miguel Ruiz

Over the last several years, I have heard the praises of The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel  Ruiz. During this time, so much was going on in my life that I just kept forgetting to read the book and truly understand the greatness that Don Miguel Ruiz shares with his readers. Last year when I was in Atlanta, I tried reading it and all I could do was get through the first three pages–that’s it. Now that my mind is in the right place, it is the perfect book to read in order to get my life aligned.

The book talks about four agreements we make with our lives. According to Ruiz, first, people begin as truly free individuals– children go with the flow and rely less on what society tells them. One of the stories Ruiz shares is of a little girl that is playing and singing until her mom comes home and tells her that her voice is ugly. From that point on, the little girl believes she can not sing. This “agreement” is then set in her mind forever. To truly become free again, one must break these negative agreements we have made with ourselves. I will not share the actual agreements listed in the book because I want you to actually pick up the book (it truly helps to move your life to the place where all your dreams can become true). This book goes on my list of “best books,” along with The Alchemist
, Rubies in the Orchard , Chasing Cool, and The Secret.

This post includes affiliate links to Amazon which I will receive a small commission on sales generated by your purchases.

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Must See Interiors

Alice + Olivia Showroom

Alice + Olivia Showroom

Interior design is my second love. I can spend countless hours on pinterest looking at beautiful interiors or even more hours shopping at one home decor store to the next. So much inspiration can be drawn from a room. As I get older, I want a nice loft that I can decorate more and more. Here are some of my favorite interior spaces.

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Questions to Ask A Website Designer

Ask An Expert Kim Website Designer

Hi, Loves! Today I started a new series for you my readers. Ask An Expert series is designed to go in-depth on topics that entrepreneurs have series questions about. Ask An Expert tag teams with our How To Series and will give you a better understanding of those topics. The first expert in our new series is Kim of Her Name is Kim Website/Graphic Design.  I asked Kim over 20 questions that any business owner or blogger might ask when going through the process of hiring a designer. If you have any questions for her, please leave them in the comments. Continue Reading →

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Toya in Our Faux Leather Camo

Toya Wright Faux Leather Camo Jacket

You cant imagine my excitement when I logged onto Instagram and saw that Toya Wright, owner of Garb Shoetique, rocking the Faux Leather Camo Jacket I sent her earlier this month. I have sent other celebs the same jacket, but none of them wore it. I have so much joy in this moment. Get your Faux Leather Camo Jacket now before they sell out.


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Current Obsession: Z Spoke Bags

Posen Purple Python clutch

I am currently obsessed with this Z Spoke by Zac Posen Bags. I truly love several of his designs, and they all need to make their way into my closet. Can’t a girl dream of a sample sale?

Z Spoke Eartha East BagEartha East/West Satchel

Americana Double Chain BagAmericana Double Chain

Shirely SatchelShirely Satchel

Z Spoke Eartha Hinged BagEartha Hinged

A huge plus with these bags is that none of them are over $500, so they are very reasonably priced bags. They are fabulous pieces to add to any fashionista’s wardrobe. The Earth East/West Satchel will be my treat to myself after the first quarter. =)


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Life as an Entrepreneur : Open Dialogue

Life As An Entrepreneur

When I thought of my first post in the “Life As An Entrepreneur” series, my first thought wasn’t to start with an open dialogue. Something bigger than the cute light-hearted video I had planned needs to be discussed: hate is spreading within the female and African-American community at an alarming rate.

On November 20, 2012 Sakita Holley of House of Success shared an article she wrote for Madame Noire. The article showed us insight into the talented and brilliant, Sheila C. Johnson. Ms. Johnson is the co-founder of BET and has a long list of success under her belt.

When Sakita aka @MissSucces posted her piece,the twitter response was not as I expected. Her twitter followers interrogated  Ms. Johnson and questioned her past billions. While she is regarded highly as the first female African American billionaire (months before Oprah Winfery), a large majority of the thoughts on twitter were that she EARNED her billions with her then husband, Bob Johnson. The commenters argued that her billions, legacy, and fame didn’t count as her own success.




Here lies the problem with the female and African American community. How can African American women be successful with all the scrutiny they face on a regular basis?  My first thoughts reading this article were, “WOW! She’s a beast. I need to stay at one of her resorts, and how much is this scarf about to set me back?” Not one single negative thought came across my mind. I already knew Shelia was the first African American female billionaire. The devout Oprah supporters just need to broaden their reading scope. Ms. Johnson has built an empire that reckons with Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffet and Ted Turner, and Ms. Johnson is humble about her success. Plus, she always finds a way to give back every chance she gets.

We as women need to band together if we want to sit at the big table based on our own merits. When a woman is appointed a top position the world questions whether she is she capable of doing her job. Women are always questioned: Will she be able to handle the pressure or will she start PMSing and let her emotions lead her way? How did she actually get that position? It’s not just men dishing out the scrutiny, women are their own worst enemies. We hate each other from afar and are found in a culture where we are accustomed to down-playing other’s success. All women are striving to win, but we knock each other down on the way up. It doesn’t have to be that way. Truly successful people support each other no matter their sex or race.

Now onto the final straw on the camels back: African American women and the hate we have for each other. I have had my own issues with this all my life. From, “she’s not black, she’s just a white girl inside,” “she looks & talks differently,” “dresses differently and acts differently.” While faced with this criticism, I was just trying to belong, but my own community didn’t want me. It’s extremely disheartening. In my opinion, I don’t care how another women make their money. If she is successful and happy, I am proud of her, and don’t care how she got there. Women ridiculed Karrine Steffans for the life she chose to live, but, baby, let me tell you–she is a best selling author. She has changed the life she once lived and gave her son an amazing life. Hate towards Oprah takes it to another level. Her first boss told her she wouldn’t make it, they told her that her show wouldn’t be a success, the book club would fail, and her own network wouldn’t survive. Oprah isn’t listening to the naysayers her, she is cultivating a brand and lifestyle others wish they had. I can go on and on about how women and the African American community spread hate, but it would be impossible to cover it all.

I wrote this long piece to start a dialogue with YOU. What do we need to do so we can all succeed? Is there a formula that we must learn to work together? Does something drastic have to happen for us to recognize the power we have? Let’s talk.




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