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7 In Customer Service/ How To/ Startup Life

Retaining + Obtaining Customers

Customer Service Quote

The key to obtaining and retaining customers is right where people spend their most time… their smart phone shopping some store or engaging on social media. Today I am going to address one of the biggest questions I get: how can I obtain more clients and customers? My first question is always, “how are you treating your current customers or clients?”

Statistics show that it is easier to retain your current shoppers than it is to obtain new ones. This is simply because you have built trust with your customer and that person has become loyal to your brand.

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3 In Legal/ Startup Life

Trademark For Your Small Business

Law Contributor Brandi Howard

Do you suggest I trademark my company name? Also, is trademarking something I can do or do I need to hire a lawyer?

 Filing for a trademark is a relatively inexpensive process.  If your company name or a product name is unique it is something you may want to do.  From the viewpoint of an attorney, risk-averse and looking to maximize protections, a safeguard like a trademark always sounds like a great idea if you have the budget for it.  The process can take some time, in some cases a year or more, and requires the “mark” your company name or logo being published in a federal publication with a period of time for anyone to oppose the mark before it finally becomes yours.  There are certain requirements, such as using the mark in the “stream of commerce”—basically being an active business within a certain time of applying for the mark.  There is a lot of information on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) website (www.uspto.gov) and you can even apply online.  Some states also allow you to register a trademark within the state as well. Continue Reading →

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How To Write An eBook

How To Write an eBook in pdf format to sell on your own site.

Since I began the journey of ICB Consults six months ago, the big question from most people was and still is, “how do you write an eBook?” To be completely honest with you, I did not have a formula for how I was going to write the books. I started giving consultations first, and then I thought: hey having an eBook would be great for these consults.  It began as a guide for those consultations, and developed from there. However, I am going to share four really basic steps on how to write an ebook, as best I can. I am not the one for long lists or steps–cut to the chase is my motto, but here you go.
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3 In Customer Service/ Startup Life

Customer Service: The Little Things

The little details of customer service that really matter for your small business

In the business world, people are always pushing the “new way” of doing things. Those people always advertise things like: How to obtain the best and brightest employees by using yada-yada strategy, how to get new customers loyal to your company, how to engage with your customers on social media and beyond, how the old marketing and selling strategies are losing, and much more. Trust me, I am all for innovation and advancement, however, sometimes these new methods do not build lasting relationships.
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What’s In Your Bag: House of Success

What's In Your Bag: Sakita of House of Success PR

1. Wallet 2. Keys 3. Pen 4. Lipglosses 5. Bazaar 6. Brand Thinking 7. Fresh Cooling 8. Macbook Pro 9. Gum 10. Nail Polish

What’s your biggest accomplishment?

There are many things that I am proud of but, I would say that my biggest accomplishment to date is the experience of building a career/business on my own terms. It’s not the easiest thing to do, so every single day that I wake up and do what I love counts as an accomplishment. 

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1 In Book Reviews/ People

Are You About The Freelance Life

my so called freelance life

First, let me be honest and say, “I have completely slipped on writing book reviews.” While being consumed with my trip to Raleigh in May, and then the crazy-good-hectic June, book reading was put on the back burner.

Once you become an entrepreneur, small business owner, or a start-up business, you are now a freelancer. Your income is not based on a salary that a company is going to cut the check from their accounts. You have to go out and earn every penny. Your work ethic will dictate your paycheck. If you slack, a bill does not get paid or worse you end up with no clients. Reading My So Called Freelance life shared great insight for me about how to manage the responsibilities of a business.  But wait, there’s more!

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Entrepreneurs Addicted To Success

Mark Cuban Quote

I am a lurker on twitter. A majority of my day is spent reading articles, forums, blog posts, all while running a company. I lurk on social media and select articles to read later.  Addicted To Success tweeted a link to 20 Unstoppable Entrepreneurs the other day. While reading the list, I knew everyone on there. Some of my favorite people where quoted; Elon, Sir Richard Branson and Sara. I thought I’d share some of my favorite quotes to help inspire you.

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What’s In Your Bag: Wendy Brandes

1. Chanel Lipstick 2. Passport 3. iphone with her Mr. Fitz case 4. Mirror 5. Prada Wallet 6. Prada business Card case 7. Metro Card 8. Work related stuff.

What’s your biggest accomplishment? Winning Fashion Group International’s Rising Star Award for fine jewelry in 2012 was a huge thrill. As a designer, you work so hard and then wonder, “Will anyone like or appreciate this?” To have designers and other industry people say, “Good job” means a lot. I was on a panel with some of the other Rising Star winners a few months later and when asked what the award meant to them, everyone said, “Validation!”

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Life’s Four Agreements

The Four Agreements Don Miguel Ruiz

Over the last several years, I have heard the praises of The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel  Ruiz. During this time, so much was going on in my life that I just kept forgetting to read the book and truly understand the greatness that Don Miguel Ruiz shares with his readers. Last year when I was in Atlanta, I tried reading it and all I could do was get through the first three pages–that’s it. Now that my mind is in the right place, it is the perfect book to read in order to get my life aligned.

The book talks about four agreements we make with our lives. According to Ruiz, first, people begin as truly free individuals– children go with the flow and rely less on what society tells them. One of the stories Ruiz shares is of a little girl that is playing and singing until her mom comes home and tells her that her voice is ugly. From that point on, the little girl believes she can not sing. This “agreement” is then set in her mind forever. To truly become free again, one must break these negative agreements we have made with ourselves. I will not share the actual agreements listed in the book because I want you to actually pick up the book (it truly helps to move your life to the place where all your dreams can become true). This book goes on my list of “best books,” along with The Alchemist
, Rubies in the Orchard , Chasing Cool, and The Secret.

This post includes affiliate links to Amazon which I will receive a small commission on sales generated by your purchases.

3 In Growth/ People

We All Have Goals

Goal setting chart

Last week while browsing Pinterest, one of my dear friends repinned this goal setting chart. J6 Designs is the company that made the chart, and based it on website goals. The chart can be used towards any goals in my opinion. We are three months into the new year, and I know some people have let go of their resolutions already. If you have let go already, do not worry! You can get back on the right track by setting obtainable goals instead. I stated before that I prefer goal setting over resolutions any day of the week. This chart is very helpful, and J6 Designs even lists more information on their site to help with your goals.  Continue Reading →

7 In Interviews/ People

WIYB: Clutched and Covered + Giveaway

What's In Your Bag: Rocquelle of Consider Me Lovely

1.Vintage Coach wallet 2. assortment of lipsticks + glosses 3. Mike and Ike Candy 4. Gap Sunglasses 5. Poppin Notebook 6. iPhone 7. Knife {for saftey} & Keys  8. Missoni for Target notebook 9. Lotion & Hand sanitizer

What’s your biggest accomplishment? Personally, my biggest accomplishment has been graduating college in 2007, as I am among the first in my family to do so.  Launching Clutched & Covered has also been a big personal accomplishment because I did so, during one of the most difficult times in my life.  Clutched & Covered is only 5 months old, so being featured on one of my favorite blogs, Addicted 2 Etsy, was major for me!! Continue Reading →

4 In Growth/ People

Vision Board Time

This is my current vision board that is the first thing I see every morning when I wake up. The bible it says “For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie; though it tarry, wait for it ; because it will surely come it will not tarry. ” Habakkuk 2:3 One must have a vision in life on how they want their life to live. Vision boards got a surge when The Secret came out. I recommend reading The Secret and The Power. Both have helped me tremendously. Continue Reading →

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