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Difference Between PR, Branding, and Marketing?

Learn the difference between public relations, branding and marking for your small business.

I’ve found that the general public and business owners have been bombarded with the terms, “marketing”, “branding” and “public relations”, but they don’t really know what the terms mean. To add to it, there seems to be a growing number of “experts” giving false information to the public and to their clients, it’s easy to see why people can get confused.

Let’s start first with public relations. PR manages the relationship between your business and/or brand with your customer, and when its effectively done, “gets you out there” into the public’s consciousness. This is done through events, press conferences, press releases, interviews/features in the media and also building social media awareness.

Next is marketing. Marketing is the process of promoting, selling or distributing your business or product. This is done through branded materials – like business cards, brochures, flyers, websites, banners, catalogs, promotional products and newsletters.

Then there is branding. Branding is actually a function of marketing (meaning – without marketing, there is no branding!). If marketing is what you do, then branding is what you are. Branding creates a connection between your company (and if applicable, your product), to the customer. Branding separates yourself from the competition and ultimately builds loyalty with your customers.

How is branding done? Well – building a brand is not easy and I will cover that in articles to come!

What did you think public relations, marketing and branding entailed? Let me know if this article made it easier for you to understand the difference between the three!

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  • Desirae

    Great content ladies that was put very simply

    • imperfctconcept

      Hi Desirae, first thank you. Second Carrie has written a couple articles on here before where she discussed the subject matter. I always tell people reach out to people to see what their cost are. That helps you create a budget. However $250 up to start and Carrie has branding course too. Here is a link to her old post.


      and this one too


    • Carrie Walker

      The results depend a lot on your own goals/what you want to accomplish! If you are a small company and feel like pr/marketing will take your company to the next level then reach out to a couple of companies to see what they offer within your price range. Hope this helps!

  • jai_soapbox

    Love this article. I am a public relations practitioner and have to explain this all the time. We do not do everything! And its scary when some claim to be a “catch all” service. This explanation is simple and digestible. Thanks!

    • imperfctconcept

      Yes, jai I completely get it too. So many people misuse the terms and phrases all the time. Causing confusion to others.

    • Carrie Walker

      I’m glad that you liked it! 🙂

  • Laryssa Evans

    Great article. I admit the terms had me confused. Thanks for breaking it down.

    • imperfctconcept

      You are not alone. So many people do. I think because just use the words freely in the wrong context.

    • Carrie Walker

      Glad that I could help you!

  • Great job of clarifying the three terms! Thanks for also linking back to previous articles as well because I missed those!

    • imperfctconcept

      Yes, she did a great job. The other post are really good too.

    • Carrie Walker

      Thank you so much! Glad that you enjoyed the article!

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  • imperfctconcept

    No leaving your website link in the comment section is not marketing. In my opinion it is more virtually spamming someone else platform to attract their clients vs building your own.

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  • Thank you for this explanation. You made it very simple to understand.

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