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Power of Thank You Cards

Power of Thank You Cards

People underestimate the power of the thank you cards, follow up and much more. In the world of business, so many people are thinking about how they can get more for less, receive instead of giving, or leverage the next person – which is honestly really sad when you sit and think about it.

In my personal experience in business, I have seen how sending customers personal thank you cards grew my business. Now it’s something I insist all my current consultation clients do with their own customers and clients. People love to be appreciated and know that they mean something to you. I have sent thank you cards and gifts to some of the top people of the world. I started doing this sometime last year. Honestly, I would read this great interview and catch myself thinking, they are giving me so much knowledge, so why not tell them thanks? You can easily find people’s mailing address with a Google search. Warren Buffett and Sara Blakely even reached back out and said how much it meant to them, which literally floored me. They were thankful someone wanted to thank them. Here is how you can start using thank you cards in your business:

Reasons Why To Send Thank You Cards

  • Show your customers you appreciation them
  • Sending congrats to clients (current or former) on launches or successes
  • People you admire or whom inspire you
  • Thank someone who introduced you to someone else
  • Someone that helped you

Making Them Special

  • Custom design with your company logo or monogram name
  • Handwritten with a great pen
  • Nice mailing labels: you can easily print them within a word document
  • Be specific on the message. Details matter

In this digital age, receiving snail mail really brings a smile to someone’s face. Make sure you are sincere, honest and state how they’ve impacted your life. Don’t use it as a moment to position yourself, just let it be a heart warming message that brightens someone’s day. Yes, you can include your card. Hey, that’s how Sarah Blakely and Warren were able to follow up with me.

Have you written thank you cards lately to show your appreciation to others? Snail mail is really great and your customers, clients, even strangers will smile about it. Is this something you will consider implementing into your business?

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  • Allaina

    I include handwritten thank you cards in all of my orders. Many of my customers email me or message me on Instagram expressing gratitude for the notes.

    • imperfctconcept

      Yes its a personal touch that people love. It makes you feel special.

  • Denise

    This post really make me think I am heading in the right direction. I just started them and wanted to write them to feel connected! Good post

    • imperfctconcept

      Thats great to hear that have started doing that. Make sure you make custom thank you cards with your social media on the bottom. Brand your business and say thanks at the same time

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  • Veronica Lashae

    You so often have shared that you write thank you cards to those individuals you admire or that inspire. I’m thinking and determined to start doing the same. I always write thank you cards to those that give gifts, etc. to me, but have never thought about writing one when I’m empowered by their words or actions. Thanks for this!

    • imperfctconcept

      Yes! They are my favorite ones to write. People expect to be thanked for gifts. When someone inspires you in an article they don’t think “hey I hope my words resonate that way I can get thank you cards” They are super grateful. I have a wall of influential people who have wrote me letters back. Pretty darn cool.

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