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3 Call To Action Phrases You Should Alter Today

You are using the wrong call to action phrases on your site. Learn how to change them and increase sales. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #blogging #advice

The other day, I was on Barney’s website looking at some shoes, what makes this interesting is I noticed a couple things about their website that I never noticed before. Then I went on a couple other websites from high end to small business. Doing compare and contrast of what I was seeing. The words and phrases used in your website copy are just as important as the visuals you display on your site. They should invoke emotion and immediate call to action when a victor lands on your website. Here are three call to action phrases hindering your business.

As stated above the copy on your website is essential in converting window shoppers into loyal customers. Today, I want to focus on these phrases below and how when I saw them they invoked different emotion from each other.

Free Shipping vs. Complimentary Shipping

When I see “Free shipping” I am thinking oh yeah I am get free shipping after spending a certain amount of money. If you read 3 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Online Store you know this a huge no, no. You should provide customers with free shipping regardless of how much they spend. I share with all my clients to factor shipping into overall cost, which is something lots of relators do. Complimentary Shipping gives me a luxury feeling that they are giving me something above the call of duty. One phrase makes you think what do I need to spend to receive “free shipping” and “complimentary shipping” provides me with upscale luxury.

OMG you are your call to action phrases are all wrong. Learn the correct ones you should be using. | Imperfect Concepts #blogging #smallbusiness #businessadvice

Purchase vs. “Invest”ment

When a client is about to launch their website, I go over it with a fine tooth comb to make sure everything is working right. This is something where I basically rip their website apart to make sure there is no errors. Errors are not just on the checkout page but all over. If the copy, call to action banners and more are working all together for an overall experience. Do you realize the more people are growing financially they are becoming aware how they spend money. Say shop and purchase have a negative connotation to them verse invest. When you are investing you are talking longer term and return on your invest. You can invest in your clothing, shoes, makeup, hair, or even service from companies. You want your customers to see their new found goods or services from you as a “invest”ment not just an everyday purchase.

Sign Up vs Join Our VIP List

Once again, we are going to back to the psychology of how your customers want to be perceived when they land on your website. Everyone signs up for a newsletter that feels like everyone has the same benefits. However, when you throw in the the words “join our vip list” switches the motors in your customers minds of how you value them. They are not just people you sell items to. They are important people you want to connect with through your email marketing campaigns.

Psychology plays a huge role in business that most people are not aware of. The copy in your call to action banners and phrases throughout the site determines how your future and current customers will perceive themselves through your eyes. Does this business owner want to provide me with a luxurious experience that allows me to invest in my business or lifestyle.

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