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Why Shopping Aldi Saves My Business Money

Switching groceries helped me saved hundreds of dollars a month. That is now used for my small business.

As someone who is self employed one of the biggest things that matters is keeping all my coins. Yes, my company mission matters and all that fine stuff, but truth be told if I am not retaining money, I am losing money. You’re probably thinking what does this have to do with Aldi the grocery store. Well, earlier this year when I introduced myself to the zero budget method I had to rearrange how I was spending money and allocate it better.

Roughly, I was wasting money in the food aspect of budget from groceries, going out to eat and my lovely Starbucks or Lola Savannah addiction. After, rearranging things from switching grocery stores from HEB to Aldi, limited my coffee trips and saying no to eating out often my money management changed drastically. The biggest change came to switching to Aldi. What’s funny, every Sunday I go grocery shopping and document on Instastories or Snapchat. I would get constant messages on how was that even possible. Hence, why I am sharing this post with you today. In addition to that, I have hipped all my clients to exactly what I am sharing with you, and it’s changed their lives too.

Set A Budget

My grocery budget for the month ranges from $60 to $70 dollars. It just truly depends on the money spent the prior month and what I am trying to eat. Right now, I am eating more whole foods so thats less processed food, which saves me a ton of money. I actually do the Dave Ramsey envelope system for my groceries taking the money out my account at the start of the month. At the start of the month, I end up buying a plethora of must have for the month that will be spread out of that time period such as; quinoa, meats and my popsicles, lol. One of the best things, I did for my grocery shopping budget was learn its better to shop weekly verse monthly. I only buying what I need.

Create A List

Do not go into the grocery store without a list of things you need for the week. During the week, I search pinterest or instagram for recipes I want to try. This helps me know what I am making for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. My list is normally the same every week minus the first week when I am buying the extra stuff I mentioned above. Here is a sample of my list;

  • Meats: Shrimp, fish and pork sausage (for breakfast only)
  • Quinoa* – once a month buy
  • Eggs
  • salad mix – I have salad every day for lunch
  • tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • Feta cheese* – once a month buy
  • sweet potatoes* – twice a month buy
  • Popsicles* – once a month buy
  • Fruits: Pineapple, Peaches, Blueberries & Strawberries
  • Avocado
  • Veggies: Zucchini, Squash, Asparagus* – I buy one veggie a week to go with my dinner
  • Olive Oil* – once a month buy
  • Chicken Stock * – once a month buy (use to make quinoa)

Switching groceries helped me saved hundreds of dollars a month. That is now used for my small business.

Survey The Store

If you’re a first time shopper you will be in for a culture shock and I suggest walking around the very small space. It’s not your typical grocery store that you’re use to. Aldi does carry some brand name products, but they are slightly higher price than other items. They have their own brands and have their own healthy brands too. They have speciality buys too that are shown in their weekly ad. One week they had aloe vera plants and I was so mad I missed them, they were $3.99.

Bring Your Own Bags

So, I never understood the concept of paying a quarter for your cart. I still kinda don’t understand why I am must do this. However, I love bring my own bags because it saves money. If you do not bring your own bags they have some you can buy from .6 cents to .99 cents. There is a section for you to bag your groceries.

Take Your Time

Yes, I say this with the privilege of not being married with kids, but I believe you should take your time when in a grocery store. You shouldn’t be rushing thats how you waste money just throwing things in the cart you do not need. I prefer, going on Sunday mornings right before noon. Its very quiet and I can stroll with ease without being rushed. I tend to spend 30 minutes in the grocery store making sure I got everything I wanted and more. Pick a day of the week and time for you to go grocery shopping and maybe meal prep after. I tend to meal prep my breakfast and smoothies right after I come home from Aldi.

Shopping on Sunday’s in Aldi brings me a plethora of peace of mind. Not only I am no longer wasting money on groceries I was not eating I am having a good time while doing it.

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  • Jessenia Arias

    Tasha! I truly loved this post. This is probably by far my most favorite! So this weekend I was supposed to be going on a trip by the Shinkansen (Japan’s fastest train) to go to Jeff’s games and to catch up with old friends/fans from his season prior. The transportation alone that was 3 1/2 hours away would cost me $300. Although I could have stayed with a friend there cutting hotel cost, all I could think about is the money that $300! I could use that toward a logo, branding, marketing, design, so many other important things. I am starting to really take things seriously when it comes to investing in self. I think that is an area we fail at and we wonder why we don’t have the funds to spend to start up a business or project. It is as you said, we have to learn where to come back when we can. If I were to be honest, right now is not the time for me to go visiting old friends and watch my husband’s basketball game that is going to cost me a good piece of money. Priorities. With it being the start of a new season and new organization, saving is so so important. Our lifestyle has ZERO security for the exception as God, therefore, we have to live on a budget in case anything were to happen to him. This post was excellent! Thank you! And thank you for the conformation I needed because I have been on the fence all week about this trip!

    • imperfctconcept

      Its all about being smart. Too many times we allocate money to the wrong thing and then looking down like uuummm i can’t afford to do xyz. I am super glad you decided to stay home and focus on building your business.

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