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Establishing A Local Presence When You Have An Online Business

5 Tips on how you can grow your business local when you have an online company. | Imperfect Concepts

Running a small business can be incredibly hard and lonely at times. This is one of the reasons for establishing Business Bestie. Allowing business owners to connect all over the world, but bring it locally when they need a friend who understands and more. Last year, I wrote and shared video content on how if your small business obtains 1% of your local towns support what it could do for your company. I am working on a cool project that solely focuses on obtaining 1% of my local market to grow my business. One percent of my local market is 1,360 people. Take the average sales order and multiple it by your cities one percent. Let me give you a quick example if your city population is 500,000; one percent is 5000 and your shirt company average sales order is $50 that equates $250,000 solely focusing on your local presence. Now, let’s break down how you can establish a local presence for your online business. 

Socialize At Coffee Shop

Three website designs ago, I found my website designer sitting next to me at my local Starbucks. Stop looking down at your phone and start socializing when you’re at coffee shops. This is a perfect way to connect with others who are in there. A couple of close friends came from meeting at the coffee shop. Spark up a conversation especially with the people you see on the regular. There is a man named Gordon that I stop and have extended conversations with now because he stopped to say hello while I was working. He is always telling me how I need to take vacations or asking me how I am scaling my company. In addition to that, I have landed clients because people have overheard me on the phone with a customer.

Attend Events

This stop sitting on your couch wondering why you are not growing an empire. You’re at home in your PJs versus being out and about connecting with people. One excuse people often tell me is events are very cliquish or they are not real networking events. My thing is if you’re going in there with a negative mindset that is what you will receive. If you’re anti-social when it comes to connecting with others, try one event a month and build it up from there. One of the best things, I did for my business was get my behind out the house and attend events I had no knowledge of. After a while of attending these events, my name started proceeding me and others were sharing my story with strangers.

Sponsor Events

When I first launched my online boutique, I would sponsor local Twitter Tuesday event at this lounge. Every Tuesday people would come out for a couple of hours to connect with others. The investment was around $100 which got my company shout outs and more. Investing the money in sponsoring events helped grow my company awareness with my target audience demographic that I wanted to reach. Several of those customers have turned into long term supporters of my business.

5 Tips on how you can grow your business local when you have an online company. | Imperfect Concepts

Speak At Events

This year, I wrote out several things I want to see come to pass in my life. They are not goals per se, but they keep me align of making sure my present and future become one. Speaking at twelve or more events this year is on my list. When I first launched my consulting business, I talked at Texas Style Council, and it helped propel my business by placing my company in front of my target audience. I have already booked one event in my local community where I will be able to tell my story and allow others to connect with me.

Pass Out First Purchase Cards

Every Saturday and Sunday you need to be at your local Target, Walmart, mall or whatever passing out first purchase flyers to your local community. Small business owners assume no one wants to support them or they need to find people online. Here is the thing people in your local community want you to win too. I have had customers tell me that once they did a pop-up shop how customers just kept supporting them and sharing their business with others. Your ideal customer is walking around your city right now but doesn’t know you exist. The investment in creating first purchase cards is subtle, but have a severe impact on changing your company trajectory.

This is the year of the small business growing drastically, and it all depends on your work ethic. Write the one percent number down and stick it to your mirror. Think about how you can connect with that figure and what it would do for your small business. I am not saying abandon other streams of income, but placing some eggs in your local basket is a smart move.

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  • Tamara Eckles

    Ouch to not attending events because they are cliquish. I am guilty of not going to events for that reason. You are absolutely right that is not the right mindset to have. I also want to speak at more events. I was able to be on panel a moderate 2 panels last year so I hope to do more of those things this year! Great post!

    • imperfctconcept

      Yes, we have to stop allowing that thought to cross our mind. We are setting the tone for something and not knowing what it really will be like. Hope you land more panels and speaking gigs this year.

  • Dwaynia

    Great advice Tasha! I’ve recently discovered that speaking engagements are a must for my business. I have one on Wednesday and am on the hunt for the next.

    • imperfctconcept

      congrats on your speaking gig. Yes, having a group of people eager to hear from you really does help business.

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  • I need to do better at socializing when out like at the coffee shop instead of being all in my laptop. I really like the 1% idea. It makes it more realistic to focus on a core group of people. I found that joining local boards is great exposure for services that I provide for clients. Networking is really tough for me but I don’t care I do it anyway allowing me to share and learn from others. It ends up being fun.

    • imperfctconcept

      Yes, engaging others in public places is really great. I have meet so many people just by talking to others. I think we just want people to show up, not being lazy but it would be rather awesome right? Start creating small goals and watch the difference it makes.

  • Cher

    The 1% is really resonating with me!! I have recently went through Eventbrite and searched for events/networking and vending opportunities that would be good for the business. My audience is out there, I just have to be where they are and speak up (like you said). Thank you 🙂

    • imperfctconcept

      Yes, this 1% idea came to me and has changed how I see business for myself and others. Yes, your audience is standing by you in line at the grocery store but we do not think about it at times.

  • I really need to tap into my local market and socialize. I’ve joined Urban League Young Professionals and am looking for events to attend. Thank you for this post. It really has me thinking of the potential I have right here!

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