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How To Invest Your Tax Refund Wisely This Year

Six ways to capitalize off of your tax refund this year. | Imperfect Concepts

IRS has pushed tax refunds back until February which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on you. Today, I wanted to break down how to invest your tax refund wisely so you are reaping the benefits not just for a couple weeks but throughout this entire year. Too many people receive refunds of a thousand or more and it goes to things like a trip, car or a tv. Things that truly do not hold their value or help you in the long run.

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Small Business Owners 2017 Fiscal Budget

Breaking down how to handle your fiscal budget in 2017 as a small business owner or creative. | Imperfect Concepts

Running a small business is pricey compared to what social media teaches you. Even as a service based company, I still have serious overhead to run my company on a yearly. A plethora of the information I am sharing below are tax write offs you can utilize when filling your taxes. If you, have not called your accountant to file your taxes please make sure to add that to your schedule. I tend to call my accountant the first week of the year and schedule my appointment for around March. In addition to that, we meet at the start of the year to talk fisical goals, taxes and more. Just as it’s important to have a relationship with your business banker, you need one with a CPA or accountant in your city.  Continue Reading →

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Six Legitimate Tips To Help You Pay Off Debt

Learn how to really tackle your debt this year. Utilizing these tips that have huge impact. | Imperfect Concepts

I can honestly say this year was the year of learning on how to live on less, but still, pay off debt. Too many times, I hear people say they do not have the income to get out of debt or save. I am calling all times of bullshit on that excuse. Its all about your priorities and what you want in life. One of my goals is to be debt free, so I can do more. Not just for myself but those around me. This year, I increased my credit score drastically without hiring some credit expert, I have saved money, and I have paid more on my student loans than ever before. Oh did I mention my income has gone drastically down from not only previous years but from what I was making at the start of the year to now?  Continue Reading →

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Seven Ways To Make An Extra $1,000 To Start The New Year Off Right

Learn how to add an additional $1,000 to your pockets before 2017 starts. | Imperfect Concepts

Early one November day, it hit me what would it be like if I had an extra “$1,000” for my business in the new year. The thought of the extra cash flow made me think of the things I would love to invest in to help my business grow. In addition to that, starting the year with $1,000 could transform my business situation. Getting me months ahead verse covering month to month. Next, thought was how could I make this happen. Last month, I wrote an article talking about no limits and bold actions regarding moving yourself forward. All these thoughts, helped me outline how I can increase my bank account by $1,000 for 2017 business year.

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Why Shopping Aldi Saves My Business Money

Switching groceries helped me saved hundreds of dollars a month. That is now used for my small business.

As someone who is self employed one of the biggest things that matters is keeping all my coins. Yes, my company mission matters and all that fine stuff, but truth be told if I am not retaining money, I am losing money. You’re probably thinking what does this have to do with Aldi the grocery store. Well, earlier this year when I introduced myself to the zero budget method I had to rearrange how I was spending money and allocate it better. Continue Reading →

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Four Investments I Made This Month To Help Grow Small Business

Learn why I invested money into Facebook ads, website themes and more to help grow my small business. | Imperfect Concepts

Today, I want to introduce you to a new series for Imperfect Concepts. My vision and mission for the company is to help a million women through entrepreneurship by providing the right tools, resources and insight they need. This series focuses on the tools I use to grow my business. Every month, the number I tools I invested in will be different or resources will be something out of the ordinary. Its great to write a blog post sharing the latest tools and resources on the market. Its even better to outline why I chose these tools to help me propel my companies. Without further a due here are the tools that really helped my business this month. Continue Reading →

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3 Monthly Financial Investments Every Business Owner Needs To Make

As a small business owner you need an emergency savings account, retirement fund + life insurance. | Imperfect Concepts #finances

My financial journey is well documented on this blog from learning how to pay off student loan debt, learning being in debt is not cute and sharing how zero budget method changed my financial outlook. As I grow my business and grow as a person my thought process about being financially independent has drastically changed. As more women and men embark on the journey of launching their business here are three monthly financial investments every business owner needs to make.  Continue Reading →

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Re-establish Your Credit After Years Of Bad Mistakes

4 Tips on how to improve your credit if you have made bad mistakes in the past. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #finances #debt #credit #smallbusiness

If you were me three years ago, your credit was shot, gone down the drain and that was that. Trying to obtain a loan, credit card or even department card to save your life was not happening. As, I have talked about finances in Entrepreneurship Forced Me To Become Better At Math, 5 Ways To Create Better Money Habits and more under the money category of the site that my finances have not always been the greatness. However, as I have matured in recent years, one thing I have been working on is re-establishing my credit after of years of bad mistakes.  Continue Reading →

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Creative Entrepreneur Budget Getting A Month Ahead Of Bills

How to manage your money as a small business owner.

So at the start of the year I decided to switch my money management over to a zero budget, I discussed this last month in Zero Budget Method Changed My Financial Outlook and Life. After getting my finances to a zero each month with my budgeting skills one thing I want to make sure to do was be a month a head with my bills. I wanted to alleviate issues of stress if something happened in my business life. I will say making sure I was a month or more ahead with my bills does not include having a savings account for emergencies. Continue Reading →

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The Zero Budget Method Changed My Financial Outlook And My Life

Afters of year of failing to budget correctly, I have found the perfect budget for me as a small business owner. | Imperfect Concepts #budgeting #money #finance #blogging #smallbusiness

Being on the pursuit of financial freedom is one of the best decisions I could’ve made for my life. To be really committed to understanding money, my relationship with it, getting out of debt and much more. In the last, two months I have switched my finances over to a zero budget method and lets just say my finances have improved drastically in a short period of time. Continue Reading →

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Establish A Healthy Relationship With Your Banker

Every small business is surrounded by a group of great people. Having an amazing banker is key to financial success. | Imperfect Concepts #blogging #money #smallbusiness

The other day, I was in my bank doing normal routine stuff and happen to pop my head into Liz’s office. For the last three years of business Liz has been my personal and business banker at Bank of America. Our relationship started off by my former banker being promoted to assistant manager of the branch not leaving her with time to work one on one with clients.  Continue Reading →

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3 Steps To Successfully Crowdfunding Your Small Business

Learn how you can crowdfund your business with less than 25 people. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #blogging #advice

Are you needing capital to fund your small business? That is a silly question right, everyone needs capital to fund their business if they want to keep their doors open. If money is not being made than its an expensive hobby. One thing, I hear new business owners talk about all the time is coming up with money to fund their ideas, passions, goals and dreams. Today, I want to share three steps to successfully crowdfunding your small business.

Money seems to be a huge topic for the new and existing business owner. Here are the things you need to know about crowdfunding your business successfully and the right way.  Continue Reading →

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